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Brand Presentation

Parmalat is an iconic brand of dairy products that was founded in 1961.

Over the years, Parmalat has expanded its offering to meet the diverse needs of consumers, while remaining faithful to its fundamental values of tradition, authenticity and excellence. Today, Parmalat remains an essential reference in the world of dairy products, offering families around the world healthy and delicious products to accompany their daily lives.

Product range

Parmalat offers a wide range of dairy products, from fresh milk to yogurts, cheeses and dairy desserts. Each product is the result of artisanal know-how combined with the latest technological advances, guaranteeing freshness, flavor and nutritional quality.

To sum up
  • Origin : Italie

  • Product Category : Cream, Milk, Mascarpone, Yogurts, Cheeses & desserts

  • Production sites: France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, South Africa

  • Some Products :

    • Cream: 1L brick, vegetable cream, whipped cream, liquid cream (normal, curry, 3 cheeses, herbs & pepper : 20 cl)
    • Béchamel: 20 cl, 50 cl & light Béchamel: 50 cl
    • Custard: brick
    • Milk: Whole milk 1L brick, skimmed milk 1L brick, chocolate milk, sweetened milk.
    • Cheese: slices (gouda, cheddar)
    • Yogurts: flavors (pineapple, strawberry, etc.)

Lactalis International

For more than 25 years, Lactalis International has been providing a large range of dairy products, for retail and food service customers, in Asia, Africa, Middle East and in the French Overseas Territories.


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