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Since 1991, Lactalis International is dedicated to provide high-quality dairy products to foodservice (hotels, restaurants, catering) and retail in Singapore. The portfolio includes: UHT milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt, butter, ghee through trusted brands such as Président, Galbani, Lactel, Q.B.B.

In 2012, Lactalis acquired Q.B.B., specialist of Ghee and established an office in Singapore to develop the business in Southeast Asia, a particularly dynamic region, and to meet the needs of the market.

Since 1925, Q.B.B. has been providing superior dairy products to families and commercial establishments around the world. It was the first to produce ghee (clarified butter - the butter oil, without the lactose and other milk solids) for South East Asia and has expanded exports to other parts of the world. With over 80 years of history, Q.B.B. has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, and an impressive track record for providing products of unmatchable quality.



NEW! LACTEL Fruity, 100% pleasure with 0.1% fat only

NEW! LACTEL Fruity, 100% pleasure with 0.1% fat only

Lactel Fruity extends its range of long-life dairy desserts with the launch of two new references:
- Strawberry Fruity 0.1% fat
- Pineapple Fruity 0.1% fat

It is now possible to enjoy the smooth and intense texture of Lactel Fruity with less sugar and fat.

To be tasted with pleasure!