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About Lactalis China

LACTALIS INTERNATIONAL has been providing high quality dairy products to Chinese consumers since 1998 with our prestigious brands such as President, Galbani, Lactel, Bridel etc. Products include milk, cream, butter, natural cheese, processed cheese etc.

In 2009, Lactalis China office was established in Shanghai, to better serve the local market and consumers.

In 2011, we started to provide the babies in China with our premium infant milk powder and cereals brand: Celia, which is 100% produced in France.

In 2012, Lactel, the leading French milk brand for over 40 years, was first introduced to the local consumers with a large range of premium liquid milks, which are 100% produced in France as well.

We will continue to supply and develop more and more high quality, innovative dairy products to the consumers and food professionals in China.



Launch of a new range of PRÉSIDENT cheeses from AUSTRALIA

Launch of a new range of PRÉSIDENT cheeses from AUSTRALIA

Lactalis Lemnos Australia is launching a new range of Président products to boost the brand awareness and visibility in Asia.

A new, more complete range of cheeses will be available including
cream cheese and Mediterranean-type cheeses.

The new range includes Food Service and consumer products such as:

  • Food Service Products – for professionals
    • Président Cream Cheese, 2kg block
    • Président Fetta Cheese, 2kg block in bucket,
    • Président Fetta Cheese in cubes, 2Kg bucket

  • Consumer products – for all cheese lovers
    • Président Haloumi Cheese – 180g
    • Président Full Cream Fetta & Reduced Fat – 180g
    • Président Fruit Cheese: Melon & Mango / Apricot & Almond … –125g

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