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About US

The Lactalis Group products have been present in Africa for more than 30 years. BRIDEL was one of the first dairy brands to enter the French-speaking African markets. From now on, the brand benefits from an indisputable reputation.

The PRESIDENT brand started in the African continent in the 80’s, where it turned out to become, as time goes by, a fully-fledged pan-African dairy brand. Later on, the launch of both LACTEL liquid milk and LAICRAN powdered milk brands occurred in the 90’s.

Lately, CELIA and PICOT brands have joined the Lactalis range of products on this area in order to meet the babies’ nutritional needs.

The Lactalis International sales and marketing teams, from their location near to Paris, are dedicated to develop and encourage these different brands all over more than 30 countries in Africa. With a wealth of economic and human potential, the African continent has become one of the main priorities for the Lactalis Group.



PRÉSIDENT White Cheese, made with fresh milk straight from the heart of Europe.

PRÉSIDENT White Cheese, made with fresh milk straight from the heart of Europe.

    Our cheese makers’ traditional techniques combined with the brand’s expertise guarantee the finest quality of cheese, so that Président White Cheese can add freshness and taste to every meal.

    In addition its resealable packaging keeps all the freshness and allows you to storage it during 3 days after opening. 
Available in retail packs (500g and 900g) and 7kg tins for deli counter and food service.

Available now !


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