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Lactalis International has been providing quality dairy products to Vietnamese people for over 20 years through its most prestigious brands such as President and Galbani.

Lactel, Lactalis leading UHT milk brand in France for over 40 years, has been launched in Vietnam in 2012.

In 2013, Lactalis International has established a Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City to better respond to market and consumers needs.

In 2014, several new 100% made in France products have been launched under Lactel, Celia and Picot brands. The range of President brand has also been enlarged and adapted to the needs of food service professionals.

In 2015, bi-lingual website was launched in Vietnam to reply to consumer’s increasing interest for Lactel brand.

Our mission is to continue to grow Lactalis brands in Vietnam and to provide innovative and high quality dairy products to best meet the needs of both individuals and professional consumers.

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LACTEL PROTECT C, for the first time in Egypt, a drinking yoghurt to boost immunity

LACTEL PROTECT C, for the first time in Egypt, a drinking yoghurt to boost immunity

In December, Lactel comes to the Egyptian market with a real innovation in drinking yoghurt: Lactel Protect C, to reinforce your immunity.

Vanilla yoghurt drink is available in 440 ml bottle. Guava variant should follow very soon, as well as the 1L bottle format.

The objective of this launch is to continue our Lactel development in chilled dairy with innovation and within the Lactel Natural Health Brand platform.
A large activation plan is deployed to catch consumer as much as possible to every touch points.

And to discover the digital activation, visit our Lactel Fan page!