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About Lactalis Hong-Kong

Lactalis International has been providing high quality dairy products to Hong Kong consumers since 1994 with our prestigious brands such as Président, Galbani, Lactel, Bridel etc. Products include cream, butter, natural cheese, processed cheese, UHT milk and yoghurt.

In 2013, Lactalis established a subsidiary in Hong Kong, to better serve the local market and consumers.

In 2014, Lactel, the leading French milk brand for over 40 years, was first introduced to the local consumers with a large range of UHT premium liquid milks, which are 100% produced in France.

We will continue to supply and develop more and more high quality and innovative dairy products to the consumers and food professionals in Hong Kong.



A new presentation for LACTEL branded Dairy Desserts

A new presentation for LACTEL branded Dairy Desserts

From July 2015, the Lactel range of long life dairy desserts dresses up with a brand new wrapping “pick-up” carton.

This new presentation offers numerous advantages: on a commercial point of view, the pick-up carton helps to develop sales under x4 units and maximizes visibility on shelves, especially thanks to the enhancement of the tasteful aspect (with more present fruit pieces visuals). Furthermore, this pick-up now offers a bilingual facing French/English in order to adapt to various consumers.