The story of the brand

The brand Celia® was created at the same time as the company Celia - Laiterie de Craon in 1927 in Western France. A brand specialising in infant nutrition, it is well known to healthcare professionals. The brand Celia joined the Lactalis Group in 2007. The Group chose it as a strategic brand in infant nutrition for international development. The current range consists of powdered baby milk and infant cereals.
Infant milk powder includes everyday nutrition and medical nutrition.

Everyday nutrition, with three different ranges of products :

-Basic range : Nutrition
-Intermediate range : Develop
-Premium range : Expert

- Medical nutrition for the various pathological conditions of babies :

-Lactose intolerance
-Allergy to cow's milk proteins

There is also a formula designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Infant cereals include dairy-free cereals and cereals based on infant milk.