Lactalis International


As ambassador of Lactalis Group on several continents, Lactalis International has the assignment to export the know-how of the French dairy traditions and to propose, since a long time, high nutritional quality products in a nutritional and gustative way speaking, by answering to its consumers’ requirement.

Lactalis International markets the group's products in five regions

- Africa,
- Asia,
- Balkans-Mediterranean,
- French Overseas Departments and Territories, & Oceania ,
- and the Middle East.

Around the world, Lactalis International is recognised as having the know-how of a major dairy Group.
Present in over one hundred countries, its experience abroad is backed up by a professionalism that is expressed in both its vast range of products adapted to the expectations of consumers and its logistics know how.

Finally, Lactalis International actively supports its brands on the international markets through its marketing and sales operations, and offers its clients a genuine partnership.