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The two largest territories in the TOM (overseas territories) zone are French Polynesia and New Caledonia.
This has been a very dynamic zone for the PRESIDENT brand, as well as for BRIDEL and LACTEL, for a number of years already.
Most recently, the PICOT and DELICAL brands joined the range of Lactalis products in this zone, to better meet the nutritional needs of babies and malnourished people.
A dedicated Sales and Marketing department at Choisy-le-Roi headquarters provides the zone with the necessary resources for continued growth of our entire portfolio of brands and products.



Discover the two new LACTEL

Discover the two new LACTEL "Plain" dairy desserts!

Lactel offers you a true moment of sweetness, thanks to its two new references of  "Plain" dairy desserts (with or without sugar), with a deliciously smooth texture and a natural and fresh good taste.

Elaborated from fresh cow’s milk, they guarantee all the benefits of milk, and can be kept at room temperature during 9 months.

Presented under a "pick-up" packing x4 units (multilingual: in French, English, Portuguese and Arabic), these two references benefits from an optimal visibility on shelves thanks to an impacting packaging.

In sweet plain or plain version, let’s get tempted by the natural freshness of the new Lactel "Plain" dairy desserts!


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