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The Maghreb–Mediterranean zone, which is part of the larger Middle East zone, currently comprises seven countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Cypress, Malta and Andorra.

The group’s major brands, including Président and Bridel, have been present in these markets for more than fifteen years and enjoy strong visibility.
We process and sell all Lactalis group products in the various markets with their specific features, and in particular milk, processed cheeses, cream and butter.
We primarily work with distributors who represent and sell our brands and products.

With the support and expertise of the Lactalis International sales and marketing teams, currently headquartered in the Paris region, we do everything possible to adapt our efforts to the specific features of each of our markets and best meet the needs of our consumers.





Probiotics Promaternum® contained in Celia® is an exclusive probiotics strain which supports babies’ growth by strengthening the immune system.
Probiotics Promaternum® ensure natural digestive comfort for babies and help to maintain a beneficial intestinal flora favoring both colic and constipation prevention.
This probiotics is issued from Lactalis research.